Over the last several months, CDB Oil has become an active topic of conversation not only for humans, but also for dogs. Many users have given CBD oil some major kudos making them wonder if their pets could receive the same type of benefits.

According to CBD oil professionals, the ingredients do offer similar health perks.

That said, before starting any new regimen for pets, it’s always recommended to seek the opinion of a veterinarian.

Here is some helpful information on CBD oil, which comes from the cannabis plant, and why people are seeking it as an alternative health and wellness pathway for their pets.

Understanding The Internal Cannabinoid System

Like the human body, dogs also have what’s called an internal endogenous cannabinoid system. What this means is that the body actually produces its own type of internal cannabinoids. When there is a deficiency of internal endogenous cannabinoids, experts are sharing that this can be supplemented through CBD oil to help replenish nutrients.

Experts in CBD oil are quick to point out that it does not have intoxicating side effects.

In addition to dogs, CBD oil is also being given to cats, horses, fish, and more.

Can Human CBD Oil Be Used For Pets?

While some pet parents use human CBD oil for their pets, experts recommend purchasing a CBD oil that is crafted just for pets. Pet CBD oil will offer the right dosage numbers, as well. Users of CBD oil for their pets have purchased it for the following issues:

  • To help with pain and discomfort
  • To reduce inflammation
  • To help with anxiety issues
  • Help to diminish the frequency of seizures

And more…

Pet parents who have given their older dogs the proper dose of CBD oil shared how their once inactive dogs are showing signs of more energy.  

Not All CBD Oil Is The Same

Before hopping online or rushing to a pet store to purchase a bottle of CBD oil, it’s advised to take a step back and do research on the product line. The most important thing to research is that the testing of the CBD oil has been done.

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a CBD oil product:

  •    Quality assurance to make certain that the ingredient of CBD oil is present
  •    Undergone triple lab testing
  •    Purchase a National Brand
  •    A level of certification such as U.S. Hemp Authority

As mentioned earlier, do check with your veterinarian before starting a CBD oil regimen with your pet and always follow the dosage recommendations closely!