When you have a dog with aggression issues towards other pets and/or people, it can create a very stressful situation. For example, a relaxing walk in the park can quickly take a turn for the worse when leash aggression involving barking, lunging, and snapping begins.

When this happens, many pet parents don’t know where to turn. Usually, they start with research online which generally leads to finding a dog trainer to help with the issue.

It’s important to point out that not all dog trainers work with dog aggression cases. This type of behavior modification requires an entirely different level of proficiency as each case is never the same.

At Performance K9 Training, we specialize in dog aggression and are considered experts in helping to deter a dog away from aggressive tendencies. Our founder, David Greene, has helped rehabilitate dogs who were aggressive with other dogs as well as dogs that have been quarantined.

David has represented the United States with his dogs on four world teams in the sport of IPO where controlled protection work through strong obedience is one of the three phases performed. He has also raised and helped train police K-9s.

It’s this extensive background in the sport and K-9 world which makes David one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the nation. The trainers at Performance K9 Training have personally mentored under David.

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Once ruling out that physical pain is not a factor in the aggression, our training specialists then know what to look for in these cases which can be one of the following:

  •    Fear aggression
  •    Frustration aggression
  •   Dominant aggression

It all starts with a free consultation where our training specialists meet with the family and the dog. They ask certain questions to get a better grasp of the situation sometimes even before meeting the dog.

In many cases, aggression is a learned behavior. While tailoring a comprehensive training approach, David and his team explain how a protocol focusing on obedience under distraction is the ultimate goal in reversing this learned behavior.

Through polished obedience, dogs learn how to tolerate what caused the aggression in the first place through “impulse control.” Strong obedience helps dogs by guiding them away from an unwanted behavior even under distraction.

If you decide to move forward in the board and train program with us, you will receive text updates every few days on your dog’s progression.  See our Yelp page for clients’ reviews and experiences with these updates.

When your dog graduates from the program, you will have the first private lesson with our training specialists. You’ll also schedule your nine remaining private lessons that will be done at a later date (the second lesson is typically 7 to 10 days later). For David, after the dog is trained, the next step is having his team teach pet parents the skills they need to maintain the training while becoming a better dog handler. Performance K9 Training will be there every step of the way so that pet parents can live happily with their dogs!

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