At Performance K9 Training, we believe that most behavioral issues can be resolved with a solid foundation of obedience training. In achieving pet parent satisfaction, our founder, David Greene, crafted a comprehensive 2-week board and train program that addresses common dog challenges which include:

  • Walking politely on a leash (i.e., not pulling on the leash, and being in a correct position)
  • Recall (dog returns when called)
  • Go to your place command

All skills in the Basic Behavior Modification Program are learned under partial distraction and partial off-leash.

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Performance K9 Training takes this training to even a higher level by addressing other house manners such as jumping on people and kitchen counter surfing.

The precision and timing of our top-shelf trainers mean that dogs learn their new skills at an accelerated rate in a relatively short amount of time.

During the board and train program, pet parents will receive updates via text every few days on their dog’s progression.

Following the completion of the “Behavior Modification Program,” pet parents receive ten follow-up lessons to learn the skills needed to maintain the training of their dog. The first lesson is the go home session which lasts about an hour. The second lesson is generally scheduled 7 to 10 days later. And, for most pet parents, the remaining eight lessons may be spaced out a few weeks apart.

Performance K9 Training provides the training tools pet owners need so that their dogs can continue to paw their way toward success!

To get started, book a free consultation! David will meet with your family, your dog and discuss which program fits their needs.