David Greene

David Greene, the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Performance K9 Training and Boarding, is recognized nationally and internationally for his sterling talent with dogs. He has represented the USA on four world teams with his dogs placing third and ninth in the world as well as holding the title of a five-time regional champion. His stadium accomplishments in the states and overseas transcend to pet dog training. David specializes in all types of obedience and is regarded for his expertise in aggression cases.

He can help address and solve virtually any dog challenge for customers with ease. In addition to receiving world recognition in dog sports, David has trained more than 2,000 dogs in the last 15 years as a professional dog trainer and has worked with high profile clients. Currently, David serves as training director for Thor’s Hope Foundation.

Christina MaconeGreene

Christina MaconeGreene is the Chief Executive Officer of Performance K9 Training and Boarding and oversees client relations, marketing, and publicity. Her vision for Performance K9 Training is to offer boutique training and pet accommodations while providing individualized care for both dogs and their pet parents. In the writing and publicity world, Christina is an award-winning writer with more than 1,500 articles published to her credit and secured spots for her clientele on NBC, ABC, Fox News, and KUSI News as well as publications such as MarketWatch, The Hollywood Reporter, The Cut, The San Diego Business Journal,  The Rancho Santa Fe Review, and Ranch and Coast Magazine.

She currently serves as board Vice President for Thor’s Hope Foundation.

Joshua Zapparolli

Joshua Zapparolli has worked with the founder of Performance K9 Training, David Greene, for more than a decade in the dog world. He has helped coach David and his dogs for regional, national and world IPO Championships.

In the fast-paced dog world of IPO, Joshua achieved the status of a National Level Helper with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

In over a decade, Joshua has also trained more than 1,000 pet dogs including those owned by high-profile clientele. Guided by a balanced training methodology, Joshua builds a relationship with dogs before the training even starts to determine what motivates them be it a treat, toy, or affection.

In addition to obedience pet dog training, Joshua is also sought after for his work in aggression cases, and special needs cases such as dogs with hearing or vision impairment. He has worked with countless pet parents who have adopted dogs and created a tailored approach individualized for each pet.

The Team