Lasting three or four weeks, the Advanced Behavior Modification Program is also a board and train program. It addresses nearly the same issues as the Basic program, but the training is more polished because the dogs spend more time with our training specialists.

The following skills are learned under “full” distraction which includes the following:

  • Walking politely on a leash (i.e., not pulling on the leash, walking in the correct position, etc.)
  • Recall (dog returns when called)
  • “Go to your place” (a rest command)

In the Advanced Behavior Modification Program, dogs will also perform their skills off-leash.

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In the Advanced Behavior Modification Program, improving your dog’s house manners are also dealt with including ways to stop jumping on people, bolting out the front door, and counter surfing.

The advantages of our Advanced Behavior Modification Program are that dogs are trained by our training specialists, who have all mentored under David. Their timing is so precise in their training methodology that dogs are learning at a highly accelerated rate while retaining their new skills.

While dogs are away from home, pet parents will receive text updates every few days on what their dog is learning and how they are progressing.

After dogs complete their Advanced Behavior Modification Program, pet parents receive ten private lessons. The first is the “go home” session followed by a second private session, usually scheduled 7 to 10 days later.

Pet parents can choose when to schedule their remaining eight lessons. Some like to space them a few weeks apart.  It’s a totally personal decision.

The goal of the private lessons is to transfer the skills and tools pet parents need to maintain the training of their dog.

To learn more, book a free consultation! We will schedule a time to meet your family and dog so they can tailor the perfect dog training program.

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