When you have a dog, understanding their body language is an important part of communicating with them. They bark, whimper, and make other noises, of course, but they mostly “talk” through the ways they move their body and the facial expressions they show. For example, raised ears can mean your dog is listening or relaxed, while ears that are pulled back can be a sign of submission. Tail-wagging can also be a way to show how your pet is feeling.

You may even see your dog “smile” at you, which is a gesture to show they’re happy or want to play. This is a careful gesture of showing their teeth and is different from a snarl or bared teeth displayed in anger. It’s also not something they ever do with other dogs, and is reserved only for their human companions. When dogs talk to each other they may do that through playful biting, rearing up on their hind legs to show affection, and even playfully bowing to one another.

Dogs can also use a paw slap, which is the human equivalent of slapping someone on the back from happiness, encouragement, or similar emotions. Dogs do this to show that they trust the dog they’re playing with. Because they’re social animals, dogs have many different ways of showing one another how they’re feeling and what kind of interaction they’re looking for.

Playing with other dogs during boarding or doggy daycare experiences can help them feel more comfortable interacting when they encounter other dogs at the park, during walks, or at other times. It’s important for your dog to have good socialization with other dogs and with humans, in order to keep them and the people and pets around them safe, happy, and healthy.

At Performance K9 Training & Boarding, we offer a board and train opportunity, so your dog can have a comfortable place to stay while you’re away and also learn a lot during that time. Afterward, you and your dog will get 10 private lessons, transferring the skills your dog learned over to you. This makes it easier for you to handle and manage your dog, and also helps you watch for body language and other important signs that can give you and your dog a better experience together.

The even better news? We also offer Doggie Daycare! Our daycare is by reservation only. And our trained team members are on hand to supervise and monitor canine guests to ensure a great experience for all! Learn more about our services and book your free consultation today!