No matter where you live, there’s always the chance of a fire. While you probably have an evacuation plan in place for yourself and your family, it’s also very important to have one for your pets. Here’s what to consider when making a pet fire safety plan.

  1. Make Sure You’re Taking Precautions

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can go a long way toward keeping your pet safe. Consider monitored smoke detectors if you’re away from home during the day, so you’ll know if there’s a problem while you’re pet’s home alone.

  1. Keep Your Pet From Starting a Fire Accidentally

Hundreds of fires each year are actually caused by pets so make sure you secure electrical cords, turn off the stove, blow out candles, and keep your pet away from things like fireplaces and space heaters. It’s all too easy for a pet to bump into something that could become a fire hazard.

  1. Reduce the Risk When You’re Not Home

When you’re away at work, running errands, or anywhere else, consider gating your pet in an area where they have an exit if a fire breaks out. You can also get a sticker for your window that lets the fire department know there’s a pet in the home.

  1. Plan Who’s in Charge of Pet Evacuation

If you live with other people, you should all agree on who will grab your pet when an evacuation is necessary. Include your pet when you practice fire drills, and make sure you have a leash, carrier, and any other needed items near every fire exit. In the event of an evacuation, be sure to have water, food, meds (if needed), leash & collar and crate for your pet.

  1. Have a Place to Stay if You’re Displaced

Knowing where you’ll go if you’re displaced by fire is very important, especially when you have a pet. Having a plan in place for that will help you feel more secure, and know that you won’t be separated from your pet during a difficult time.

  1. Make Sure You Know Pet First Aid

During an evacuation it’s possible your pet could be injured. Knowing pet first aid and having the right supplies could help you treat their wounds until they can see a veterinarian.

With a pet fire safety plan you can have more peace of mind and the best chance of keeping yourself and your pet safe if a fire forces you to evacuate. The right plan can make all the difference.

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