Keeping your dog safe is extremely important when you’re out exploring the world or even at home having a barbeque. While there are some dangers that are more serious than others, one concern you might not have thought about is coyotes. Because coyotes can be bold, they may even come into your yard or approach you and your dog while you’re out. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your dog safe if you live in an area where coyotes roam.

First, make sure you don’t feed any coyotes or other wildlife, and that includes leaving food out for your dog that can be accessed by other animals. It can be tempting to leave some food out for animals that live around you, but if coyotes see your property as any kind of food source they’ll come around more often. Keeping food away from wildlife includes locking your compost bin, along with not composting meat. Pick up your dog’s poop, too, because the scent can attract coyotes.

Second, make sure you’re around when your dog is outside. Don’t leave them in the backyard unattended or let them off leash when you’re on a walk. Naturally, that’s only the case if you’re in a high-risk area. However, a lot of people may be in areas where coyotes are present and not realize it, so make sure you talk to your neighbors and others in the area to get all the information and details you need about your dog’s safety.

Additionally, you can help protect your dog from coyotes in the yard by building a fence. Keep in mind, though, that coyotes are good climbers. You should have a fence that’s at least eight feet in height, and that also goes below the ground at least 12 inches. Choose something that’s not easy to climb, and work with your contractor to design a fence that offers adequate protection. Consider installing a roller bar on the top line of the fence so it minimizes a coyote’s grip it to climb over and always check your fencing to make sure all is intact and all is secure.

With some adaptation, awareness and care you can significantly reduce the risk of coyotes attacking your dog. That will help you enjoy more outdoor time with your four-legged friend, and also increase your peace of mind.

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