Who is always there for you with a wag and a smile, no matter what? Who always lavishes you with slushy, sloppy kisses? And who, with no exception, gives you the most precious gift of all – pure and unconditional love?

You know who, and now that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, here are some special ways you can celebrate the love day with your cherished canine valentine.

Have a Tea Party for Just the Two of You

Chances are your pup loves to eat, so show your love by purchasing or better yet, making some canine-friendly cookies or cakes for her. Here are some yummy and nutritious treats you can make. And while you’re at it, pull out the teacup, pour some tea, and bake some goodies for you, too!

Think Toys for Your Pup

Everyone loves to get gifts on hearts and flowers day, and that includes your dog. Get her a new toy or two that you know she’ll love. Better yet, take her on a field trip to the nearest pet store and let her sniff out her favorite one. Be ready though, your dog may want more than one! 

Take a Hike

Take your dog someplace special that you’ve never been to for a nice, long walk. Remember, your dog needs to be kept on a leash for safety. Some possibilities in San Diego County include:

Batiquitos Lagoon – Carlsbad

This is an easy, 2-mile coastal trail filled with lots of plants, animals, and tidal pools.

Cowles Mountain – East San Diego

Imagine standing on the highest point in San Diego with your dog. At 1,600 feet, you’ll marvel at the complete view of San Diego and the surrounding area. 

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve – North San Diego

Despite being mostly flat, this 7-mile hike affords you both a wonderful workout together.

P Mountain – San Marcos

If you are looking for a strenuous workout and steep climb, head to P mountain.

Piedras Pintadas – Lake Hodges

Here you’ll find a natural gem filled with wildlife and beauty. The 3.8-mile hike is easy and interesting with its many exhibits that chronicle the lives of the Kumeyaay people who lived there.  

Enjoy Some Serious Cuddle Time

Catch a movie or a few of your favorite shows while you cuddle up together in bed or on the couch. Nothing beats some serious cuddling with your favorite valentine. You might even want to catch the wave with some of the all-time best dog movies, including:

  1. Lady and Tramp
  2. Old Yeller
  3. The Incredible Journey
  4. Benji
  5. 101 Dalmatians
  6. Lassie Come Home
  7. Marley and Me
  8. Red Dog: True Blue
  9. A Dog’s Purpose
  10. Isle of Dogs

Another option is a Drive-In movie! 

Invite a Pal (or 2 or 3) In

Do you have some friends or neighbors who have dogs that you know get along with your pup? Then it’s the more the merrier – invite a few canine friends over to romp with your dog. Do keep a keen eye on the happenings to make sure everyone is behaving safely.

Rent a Play Space

If a playdate in your home doesn’t quite cut it, think about renting a space where pups can play safely. Some canine facilities will rent their facility for a fee when it is not otherwise in use. 

Learn How to Give Your Dog a Massage

If you’ve ever had a massage, you know how therapeutic and relaxing it is. Consider giving your dog a massage. Here is a video from the American Animal Hospital Association that explains how you can give your dog a massage at home.

Play Dress up

This may not work if your dog doesn’t like to be fussed over, but some dogs seem to delight in getting all spiffed up. Make or buy your dog a new outfit or dress her up in one she already owns. 

Take Photos

Whether dressed up or not, taking photos of your dog is a special treat on Valentine’s Day. Enlist the services of a friend or partner to take the pictures. Better yet, look around for a pet store that is offering a photo promotion where you can bring your dog in for professional photos.

With these possibilities in hand, go ahead and enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your beloved canine friend who devotes herself to giving you pure and unconditional love. What better valentine can there possibly be?