3 Things People Want In A Dog Training Program

Here are the top three things that dog owners really want when finding the right dog training program.

Everyone wants a well-behaved dog, right? Here are the top three things that dog owners really want when finding the right dog training program.


Dog Training That Matters

Pet owners agree that they want a type of dog training that fits into their lifestyle. San Diego dog trainer, David Greene, of Performance K9 Training explains how this is really important.

“I find that most of our pet parents want their dogs to listen to them. They aren’t looking for anything really advanced or fancy – they just want to be able to live with their pet without the stress,” he said.

Examples of this are better obedience training so dogs aren’t jumping on guests or having their dogs pull on the leash when they are out on a walk.


Help With An Already Busy Schedule

Despite the best of intentions, it’s difficult for dog owners to stay on track with a training routine. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

“Time is one of the biggest complaints I hear about day in and day out,” Greene said. “For dog owners in this category, I usually recommend a ‘board and train’ dog training program.”

A “board and train program” is different for every dog trainer but most last between two to three weeks. After the training, the pet owner has a fully trained dog.

“Even though the dog is trained, the dog is listening to the dog trainer,” Greene said. “The goal is to teach the dog owner the skills and tools they need so that their dog now listens to them.”


Dog Owners Want to Make the Investment

When pet parents decide on dog training, they are making an emotional and financial investment. It’s important to them to have a well-trained dog so they need to stay one step ahead to reinforce this training. Consistency is key.

“When dogs go home from a board and train, as a dog trainer, it’s my responsibility to teach the dog owners exactly what to do – the dogs are already listening to me, now we are transferring that attention to the pet parent,” Greene said. “When you have a well-trained pet that wants nothing more than to have a partnership with their owners, that right there is the goal we all want to reach. It’s all about building that perfect pet relationship.”

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