4 Signs That It’s Time For Dog Training

Here are the top behavioral issues which signal that’s it’s time for some dog training.

Not only are dogs great, but research shows they can bring much happiness. However, when dogs start to display unwanted behavior the stress level for pet parents can skyrocket. At that point, a pet parent needs to map out a dog training plan.

Here are the top behavioral issues which signal that’s it’s time for some dog training.


Aggression Towards Other People or Pets

Signs of aggression is something that all pet parents must address. More times than not, pet parents wait too long to get their dog into training. In other words, the aggression escalates, or a bite incident happens.

Don’t wait.

“I get a lot of calls from people who are concerned about their dog’s aggression,” said David Greene, a San Diego Dog Trainer that specializes in aggression issues. “When talking to them, most pet parents admit that these signs of aggression started many months or years before. I always urge dog owners to take care of the aggression issues as soon as possible.”

Aggression is something aimed at people and other pets.

Don’t ignore a situation which has the potential to get more severe over time.


Who’s Walking Who?

For some pet parents, walking their pets can be a relaxing time. For others, it can trigger a headache. The most common complaints pet parents have when walking their dogs are the following:

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Barking at people and dogs
  • Wanting to chase bicyclists
  • Lunging at things
  • Refusing to walk
  • Unable to heel on one side

And more.


Jumping on People

Another typical complaint is unwanted jumping. When people come to visit, dogs put their paws on family members and friends.

This behavior can also be a safety issue.

“The issue of jumping can be corrected with the right type of obedience training,” Greene said. “But the key is that pet parents must be consistent with this training. By being consistent, your dog will understand that this behavior is unacceptable.”


Are You Talking to Me?

That’s right. Dog have selective hearing, too. On the pet training wish list, recall is in the top four.

“If your dog does not come to you when they call out their name, it’s time to up the ante on the obedience training,” Greene said. “Recall is such an important thing when owning a dog.”

A perfect pet relationship is built on establishing balanced obedience training.