One of the best ways to train your dog to behave properly, whether it’s typical obedience training or correcting bad habits or aggression, is through a comprehensive board and train program. At Performance K9 Training, our owner and founder, David Greene, creates custom tailored programs that address these specific issues.

Our two-week board + train program sets the foundation for good dog behavior, which can then be translated into the home environment at the end of the program. However, due to the accelerated nature of our program, this may take some work once your pet is home, which is why we include three in-home private training sessions after your furry loved one graduates from our program.

Learn to Implement the Training

Over your dog’s two week stay, David utilizes a customized training plan that teaches your pet the proper way to behave through obedience. David uses many different tactics and a philosophy of balanced training to encourage a dog’s self-confidence and broaden their understanding in performing particular tasks.

But what happens at the go home? What happens when they are back in their comfort zone? How can you avoid the events that can trigger their old habits?

This is the exact reason that we have the three home training sessions after the program. The first is when your dog is returned to your house by David. This gives David and your dog the chance to transition into their home environment with the skills they have just learned. David will be right there to guide them (and you) on proper techniques and acceptable behavior inside your home.

It is extremely important to take the time to work with your dog once they are back home to reinforce what they have learned over the two week program. It’s all about living with your dog. 

A second session will be held seven to 10 days later and the final session is usually scheduled for several weeks after the second lesson, depending on your unique needs. These sessions will ensure you are prepared to take over the continued training of your pet.

A Solid Reputation in the Dog World

Because of David’s extensive background, he knows this is what sets Performance K9 Training board + train program apart and is why he implements these training sessions with each dog that comes to our program.

In addition to providing his thorough board and train programs to four legged family members, David has an extensive background in competition as well. He has represented the USA on four world teams and recently competed at the 2018 FCI World Championships in Italy earlier this month with Fritz, an amazing German Shepherd. Team USA earned the #3 spot in this exclusive event.

David is also one of the few trainers in the area that specializes in dog aggression cases and is quick to point out that a training protocol focusing on obedience training helps mitigate this behavior and reinforce impulse control.

Want More Information?

At Performance K9 Training, we help people build the perfect pet relationship. We understand that each dog has their own unique personality and needs a tailored program to address specific behavioral issues. Contact us today to get started!