If you have a German shepherd dog (GSD) or you’re thinking about getting one, learning about this beautiful canine can be an interesting and fun way to feel more in-tune with your four-legged friend. Here are three things you might want to know about this breed of dog!

  1. “Dog” is Part of Their Official Name

There are a few breeds that use “dog” as part of their name, and the GSD is one of them. Why? Because people were confusing actual German shepherds (German people who guarded sheep) with the dog breed. Calling this breed “German shepherd dog” made it easier and stopped the confusion. In 1917 the American Kennel Club removed the “German” designation and just called it a shepherd dog, but members voted, and it was changed back in 1930.

  1. A German Shepherd Dog is Not a Belgian Malinois

While these dogs resemble one another, they are two separate and distinct breeds. Both are from the herding group and are similar in size, with the GSD normally being a little larger and heavier. However, the German shepherd dog is also longer and less angular, while the Malinois is more of a square breed and has fewer curves.

  1. These Dogs Were Popular in War and Cinema

Many GSDs served in wartime, as they were popular dogs for the German military. American soldiers saw the value of these dogs and started to bring some of them home, which greatly increased their popularity. It wasn’t just war where the German shepherd dog was valued, though, as they were also popular dogs in movies and TV shows for their intelligence and photogenic looks.

Are You Considering a GSD for Your Family?

Having a German shepherd dog can be a wonderful experience, but proper training is important to make the most out of your relationship with your new family member. It’s also a good way to help a dog you already have learn better behaviors. At Performance K9 Training, we work with all breeds of dogs, but we have expertise in several breeds, including the German shepherd dog. The right training can make all the difference.

Understanding that each dog has their own unique personality, we tailor the right “board and train” program to address specific behavioral issues so that pet parents can achieve the perfect pet relationship. Please contact us to schedule your free consultation today!