When people think of dog training, they typically think of adults learning the skills to maintain the training. But adults aren’t the only ones needing guidance. Children need this type of guidance, too. 

Performance K9 Training & Boarding works alongside countless families that own dogs to create a home with harmony. The first step in the process is never leaving unsupervised children and dogs. The adults in the household must watch how their children and dog(s) interact. 

All dogs in the family should have obedience skills under distraction. An example is when dogs need a break from the activities with children. They can be taught to go to their place command (i.e., dog bed or dog cot) and remain there even under distraction. 

If an adult cannot supervise their dog(s) and children together, having dogs in a secure area such as a crate or kennel is best. Once things become more manageable with time, your dog can join the fun. 

While kids bring out natural happiness and excitement, especially for dogs, another critical skill to teach dogs is not to jump on people. 

Teaching your children from an early age to respect dogs and treat them kindly is vital to their learning and development. Other essential items to teach children at age levels they would understand are the following:

  • A dog’s body language
  • Asking permission before greeting a dog
  • Being gentle and not pulling or climbing on dogs
  • Providing dogs with space and quiet time
  • Never disturb a dog while they are sleeping or eating

When children respect dogs, they listen to how to treat them and understand the seriousness of coexisting and building great relationships as they grow. This also helps promote the bond between children and dogs. 

For families interested in having their dogs trained with sharp obedience skills under distraction, please contact us today to book your free consultation!