Yet another year has come and gone, and thanks to our staff and loyal pet parents, we flourished in 2021. Now let us look at how hard work, commitment, and loyalty led to yet another unparalleled year for Performance K9 Training and Boarding.

But first, a bit about who we are. Performance K9 Training, Inc. is a boutique dog training facility in San Diego North County. We focus on helping pet parents achieve the perfect pet relationship with a particular concentration on aggression cases and obedience under distraction. 

So, here’s how we fared in 2021.

1. Top 10 Trainers!

We are especially thankful to for recognizing our skill and expertise by designating us one of the Top 10 dog trainers in San Diego North County. Back in February, Expertise looked at a total of 49 other trainers, and after careful vetting and tough competition, we were awarded an A+ rating. 

One of the first steps Expertise took in making their determination was to comb their databases looking for customer reviews of our organization and skills, accolades, public records, and more. The next step involved an evaluation of our specific areas of training expertise and accomplishments in our area. The final step involved a mystery shopper who phoned our facility to ask for information, and based on the response they got, rated us on the following:

  • Our knowledge and expertise
  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Professional demeanor

We are thrilled to receive this rating again and honored to stand beside the best and brightest in dog training in San Diego North County.

2. Friendships along the way

We truly treasure the friendships we make along the way with our pet parents and feel honored that they trust us with their precious four-legged family member. We appreciate those who have been with us and are thrilled to develop what we hope will also be more long-term friendships.

3. Aggression and Fear Reactivity

Perhaps the most frightening part of dog parenting is dealing with a pet who is aggressive towards other dogs or people. This part of our training program has grown exponentially as our pet parent customers who have experienced success with us tell their story to others who then seek our expertise. 

Our aggression program is unique in that we start from ground zero with each dog and work our way up. The first thing we look at is the dog’s physical state and once pain is deemed to not be an issue, we then analyze the dog’s behavior to determine if his aggression is born from fear, frustration, or dominance. The bottom line is modifying the dog’s behavior to obey even with distractions.

4. Yappy Puppy Program

We feel so lucky to have partnered with countless puppy-pet partners who may have otherwise become frustrated with their pup because they didn’t know where to start with the training process. Because we had so many requests to include puppies younger than our 5-month age limit, we instituted the Yappy Puppy program for younger pups. Modeled after the “board and train” program for older pups, Yappy Puppy includes 2 private lessons where we give tips and advice on:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Correct ways to socialize a puppy
  • How to stop mouthing and biting
  • How to stop jumping
  • How to address puppy shyness
  • And lots of additional tips and helpful guidance

After their private lessons, and when a dog reaches their 5-month milestone (and has all their shots), they come in for their “board and train,” followed by 10 more private lessons, to reinforce what they have already learned. Nothing thrills us more than to see our puppy clients evolve into happy, obedient dogs as they get older.

5. The Firehouse Project

Back in 2019, Performance K9 Training and Boarding partnered with Thor’s Hope Foundation for The Firehouse Project, to bring the first firehouse dog in history to San Diego County. Clifford, a two-year-old Labrador Retriever, spent more than 2,000 hours in training with our training facility founder, David Greene, to become a source of comfort and stress de-escalation for the firefighters in the City of Vista Fire Department. Says Vista Deputy Fire Chief, Ned Vander: “When I walk into a fire station and I have Clifford with me, everybody brightens up immediately. “

Then in 2020, we placed another highly trained dog with Captain Scott Ross from the Los Angeles Fire Department. 

Donated by Thor’s Hope Foundation in partnership with Performance K9 Training, Inc., firehouse dogs are bred and selected to complete intense, highly-specialized training to support firefighters as they deal with the stress of their job. The average cost of a facility dog of this caliber is $10,000, and once trained, they are gifted to the firehouse. 

Fast forward to 2021: The program with Clifford was so successful, that this past year, we were instrumental in the training of Hudson, who found a new home in Modesto, under Captain Ruben Esparza, and early in 2022, Sadie and Marley, will find new homes with the San Francisco Fire Department. We are excited to announce that also in 2022, dogs will be placed with the US Coast Guard and Palm Springs Fire Department.

6. A Greater Good Project

Performance K9 Training is honored to have joined the Founding Circle of Student Sponsors of Escuela Vera Angelita and sponsor a young Nicaraguan girl to attend a nonprofit boarding school  to educate young women in Nicaragua. This unique educational facility resides in the natural surroundings of the cloud forest of Nicaragua, where the lives of these young girls will change dramatically through education. Our sponsorship of this project is evidence of our profound belief and support in education for children everywhere.

7. Thankful for the Team

What we do would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our wonderful staff. Their commitment and care towards our canine guests and pet parents is unparalleled. 

To show our support and encourage camaraderie for our staff, in 2021 we held several new monthly outings which included an axe throwing adventure, Escape Room, and Bowling Night. For the Grand Finale outing this year, we chartered a private boat for a breathtaking cruise around San Diego Harbor. 

Thank you to everyone who works so hard and cares so much about our pets and pet parents. You have worked with the utmost of professionalism and true concern for your canine and human customers, despite the trials and tribulations of Covid-19, which has had us all wrestling through yet another year. You, my staff, did it all with grace and aplomb.