When it comes time to train your dog, you only want the best. You want your furry loved one to learn properly so they can become a well-behaved member of the family. At Performance K9 Training, we take great pride in providing your pet with the guidance necessary to help them learn how to effectively interact with you and create the perfect pet relationship. It’s also an added perk that they are also prepared when they come into contact with other friends and family. Keep reading to learn why we were recently named one of the best dog trainers in the Oceanside/Carlsbad area!


We have built a solid reputation over our 15 years in business. Owner and founder, David Greene, is dedicated to helping every client establish a great relationship with their pet. We understand every dog has its own personality, just like their owners, and we have a reputation for tailoring our training programs to effectively cater to those differences. Our stellar reputation has led to repeat business when families get new pets or referrals from our satisfied clients.


One of the most important elements in choosing a quality dog trainer is finding one with the right credentials. David has a long history of training dogs with a high rate of success. He has been on four world teams representing the USA. David and his Belgian Malinois, Luigi Du Dantero, placed third and ninth in the world. Currently, David is the training director of Thor’s Hope Foundation where he helps train service dogs for our wounded veterans. Over the years, David has raised police K-9s who have worked in the San Diego County communities of Oceanside and National City, as well as a K9 state trooper in Reno, Nevada.

David is one of the few trainers in the area who helps in dog aggression cases by determining if the aggression is stemmed from fear, frustration, or a combination of both.

David has trained nearly 2,000 pet dogs of all breeds, giving him the experience required to help dogs with all temperaments. Along with David’s polished dog training skills, he also helps pet parents become better dog handlers.


David has worked hard to create training programs that work well for dogs and their pet parents. Behavior modification is available in two programs, as well as dog aggression training, to best meet the needs of our clients. He has implemented a philosophy of balanced training to help guide a dog away from unwanted behavior while reinforcing good behavior. This creates a stronger bond between dogs and their owners.

We were honored to have been named one of the top 12 best dog trainers in the Oceanside area and look forward to providing your dog with the training they need to be a well-behaved family member. Contact us today to get started!