The end of summer is just around the corner! Are you planning any last minute get-aways? If you’re not sure what to do with your furry family member while you’re away, keep reading!

Pet owners are often well aware of the existence of boarding options in the event they go on a vacation that doesn’t allow them to bring their precious four-legged family member along. 

However, boarding can be expensive and many owners worry that their pets will be bored or won’t get the amount of attention they deserve. There is good news! We now offer boutique dog boarding experiences that also provide the training your dog needs while you’re away! This means you will come home to a dog that is better behaved and you will have peace of mind knowing that your dog received the attention you wanted for them while you were away. 

Learn a Variety of Skills

When you trust Performance K9 Training & Boarding with your furry family member while you’re on vacation, they will learn a variety of skills. Not only will your dog learn better house manners, but you will find a number of other behaviors can be corrected during the training process. For instance, if your dog typically pulls on the leash when you take him for a walk, leading you to wonder just who’s walking who, we can fix this behavior so your walks become more pleasant again. Aggressive dogs can be calmed with impulse control training, allowing them to learn to control themselves more easily in a variety of situations. In addition, our training processes can also improve your pet’s ability to recall their training and even stop your dog from jumping on people, creating a better pet owning experience for everyone.

The training doesn’t end when you pick up your dog at the end of your vacation either. In fact, our dog boarding services include three follow-up sessions so you gain the information and skills necessary to keep up with their training. Boarding isn’t typically a low-cost service. You can make the most of your dog’s time in our boarding facility by getting dog training at the same time.

And even better, when our graduates return to us for boarding in the future, they will always receive complimentary brush-up training during their stay with us.

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