When you’re headed out on vacation, boarding your dog can be a great way to keep them safe, healthy, and active. But instead of just boarding them, why not consider a board and train option?

This offers more than just a place for your dog to stay, giving you peace of mind and helping your dog learn and have new experiences while they’re away from you. That can help reduce any separation anxiety your dog might have, and give them the attention they need while you travel.

Whether your dog already knows basic commands or they’re a puppy and need to start at the beginning, the right training can make a big difference in how you interact with them and the types of adventures you can take them on. A board and train is like college for pups, and can be started for puppies as young as five months. But don’t despair if your dog is older and hasn’t been through training. This kind of program can still be done with older dogs, too.

If you choose Performance K9 Training & Boarding, training is only the first part of what they learn while they’re with us! With our customized programs you’ll have everything you need for your dog’s individuality and personality. After their two-week stay at our country oasis boarding facility, pet parents receive 10 follow-up private lessons with their dog so that their newfound skills can be maintained. These private lessons elevate a pet parent’s handling skill and reinforces what their dog learned during their stay, too, so you and your four-legged family member can have more enjoyable adventures and experiences.

If your dog pulls on their leash, doesn’t come when they’re called, and has other behaviors that training could correct, a board and train program while you’re on vacation can be the perfect way for you to have a great time on your trip and help your dog get important training and support during that same time. Then when you come home you can keep working with your dog, and with us, to make sure they have the right skill set for obedience, both now and in the future.

Performance K9 Training is a boutique dog training and boarding facility located on a fully fenced, one-acre property in San Diego North County. Our comprehensive training program helps pet parents achieve the perfect pet relationship. Performance K9 Training was founded by David Greene who has represented the United States on four world teams with his dogs, placing third and ninth in the world.

Understanding that each dog has their own unique personality, Performance K9 Training tailors the right “board and train” program to address specific behavioral issues. Contact us today to learn more!