Finding the right dog trainer is extremely important, and David Greene, the founder of Performance K9 Training, can provide your dog with the quality training you want and need. But why choose him? What separates David Greene from other dog trainers? Quality, experience, and ability are just some of the reasons he’s a great choice for your pet, or for a foster or rescue dog that needs proper training.

David has a strong track record of working with dogs that have aggression issues, to help them learn how to act appropriately around people and other dogs. While he also does more standard dog training, working with aggressive dogs is a specialty and an important way to help more dogs socialize, live happy lives, and find good homes.

In addition to his work in this area, David is also a regional, national, and world competitor with his dogs, and has been hired by others to compete at a world level with their dogs, as well. He is the Training Director for the Thor’s Hope Foundation/Firehouse Project, which is a nonprofit dedicated to training dogs for mobility assistance, disability services, and firehouses.

David has raised and trained Belgian Malinois that were chosen to be police K9s in National City and Oceanside, as well as for the Nevada State Patrol. He is also a training mentor for the Animal Behavior College, and was required to go through a vetting process for this position. The college is a private vocational school that offers dog trainer and obedience instructor programs, along with training for veterinary assistants and service dogs.

As a pet parent, or the owner of a rescue or foster organization, it’s very important to know who’s going to be training your dog. You don’t want to trust your pet or a dog with aggression issues to just anyone. By working with David your dog can get the benefit of his years of experience, and the value he brings by folding his experience in the national and world stadium into pet training.

At the end of the day you want to have a happy, healthy relationship with your dog, and David can help you make that a reality whether it is through our Yappy Puppy Program, our Aggression Rehabilitation, or any of the other services we provide in our licensed kennel facility! 

Performance K9 Training provides pets with a custom-tailored approach to behavior modification programs to address their specific needs. Following a “board and train” program, Performance K9 Training teaches pet owners the tools they need to build the perfect pet relationship. In addition to training, Performance K9 Training offers boarding for dogs not requiring training with top-shelf accommodations that offer comfort, fun, and safety in mind. Contact us today to learn more!