As you may remember from our Facebook post in May, we are excited to announce that our owner and founder, David Greene, and Fritz placed in the top 5  at the AWDF IPO Championship in Galt, California! This qualified David and Fritz to be part of the FCI World Team that will head to Italy this September to compete! We wanted to take a minute to discuss how David uses the same techniques and tactics that he uses to train award- winning dogs as he does for each and every dog that attends Performance K9 Training, keep reading to learn more!

Basic Behavior Modification

Issues addressed in our basic behavior modification board + train package include:

  • Walking politely on a leash (i.e. not pulling on the leash)
  • Recall (dog returns when called)
  • Not jumping on people
  • “Go to your place” (a rest command)

In order to help dogs overcome these issues, David created a comprehensive two week board and train program. We believe that most behavioral issues can be resolved with the foundation of obedience training and by providing personalized, balanced and focused training. Dogs learn how to behave in any situation.

Advanced Behavior Modification

Similar to the Basic Behavior Modification program, the Advanced program is typically longer, lasting three to four weeks. It addresses the same issues as the Basic Behavior Modification package brings dogs to a higher level of foundation and skill. The dogs have more reps and are more solid in their obedience exercises.  

Pet owners may also notice more polished results because their dogs have spent more time with David.  

Dog Aggression

When a dog shows aggression, it can be stressful for both the pet parent and the dog. Not to mention any other people or pets that may be around. As a leading expert in dog aggression, David understands that each case is different and after an evaluation, he creates a customized training program for each dog. It is important to note that a training protocol focusing on obedience training in these dog candidates is critical so that they can learn how to control their impulses which lead to aggression.

Competition Training

So, you may be wondering how this all ties into David’s training? Well, he uses the same techniques, compassion, and patience whether he is training for a world-renowned competition or for a furry family member who won’t stop barking at the mailman.

Repetition, exercise, and praise are the foundations of each program and each dog is also incorporated into daily life. This helps prepare them to avoid distractions when they go home. Performance K9 Training takes a limited amount of dogs at a time to ensure each dog gets the training and attention they need to succeed!

At Performance K9 Training, we encourage a canine culture which fosters education, positivity, wellness, inspiration, and extraordinary possibilities. If you’d like to learn more about how your dog can benefit from one of our programs, please contact us today!