If you want to help animals in need and have some fun with your dog at the same time, why not host a fundraising pawty? This is a twist on the standard fundraiser for a nonprofit, and also a twist on the dog parties that people often have to get their dogs playing together and socializing. Combining the two can give you and your dog (and the nonprofit you’re helping) the best of both worlds.

It’s About Much More Than Money

Monetary donations are great, but there are many other things a dog-based nonprofit might need. Instead of having to find the best way to allocate the funds that are donated to them, they can get started on helping right away with towels, food, toys, shampoo, blankets, and more.

A dog fundraising pawty can be about all these things, and you can easily create a list of the kinds of items that could be brought as gifts. That way, anyone coming to the pawty with their dog knows what to bring and what the nonprofit could really use most. That knowledge makes everything easier.

There Are Plenty of Fun Pawty Ideas

There are all kinds of ways to make your fundraising pawty the talk of the town. You can offer pet portraits, for example, or include a BBQ, a pool party, or all different types of games. Consider pupsicles and other treats for the dogs, along with food for their owners, too.

Whether you have a backyard get-together on a sunny afternoon or something a little more upscale later in the day, you can fundraise and give your dog lots of joy, as well.

Safety First, for a Great Event With Your Dog

Safety is extremely important for any event, and that’s even more important when pets are involved. Remember to be safe about everything you plan for the pawty. Don’t leave any dogs unattended in a pool, and make sure the dogs that come to the pawty are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and get along with one another. That way everyone can have a great time, and you can help out a great cause.

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