Training tips to stop your dog from jumping on visitors

The best way to stop a dog from jumping is reinforcing their obedience training.

One of the most common questions dog trainers hear is what ways can pet owners teach their dogs not to jump on guests. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to calm down a dog that is bouncing off friends and family in the entryway.

Before you can teach a dog not to jump on others, a dog first needs to understand that it cannot even jump on you, the owner. This concept means that it’s time to train your dog on its obedience skills.

For starters, to reinforce the “no jumping rule,” do not encourage jumping at any time.

Use commands, so your pet understands not to jump. When they listen and sit quietly, then go ahead and praise your dog with a treat. Do this repeatedly and on different occasions throughout the day. The best testing time is when you come home from work or school, and your dog’s excitement is in full gear. Try to diffuse this excitement by calming them down quickly.

Once the jumping is under control, this training can now be tested when guests come over. Transfer this training philosophy the very same way. If you don’t feel quite so confident in the beginning, you may want to have your dog on a leash when guests arrive.

However, if you decide that it’s not needed, keep a leash on hand just in case your dog decides to ignore your commands. If this happens, remain calm, clip on the leash, and start your obedience by guiding your dog’s attention back to you. Don’t get discouraged – dog training takes times and maintenance.

Another important tip is not to have your guests be over affectionate with your dog with they first arrive at the house. Keep the atmosphere as low key as possible. When your dog responds the way they should, and by that, we mean calmly without jumping, then they can greet your guests.

For many of us, dogs are part of the family so having them around when friends come over is important. Stay consistent with the training to help build a perfect pet relationship.