If your holiday shopping list includes a four-legged member of the family, the Performance K9 Training Team has you covered. Here are our top picks for those must-have holiday gifts to place under the Christmas Tree or toss inside a Christmas Stocking.

Large Gappay Ball on String

This is one of our favorite training toys. If your dog has “ball drive” this is a perfect choice. Instead of using treats as a reward, when your dog performs a skill, give them their Gappay Ball to play with for a bit for a job well done. The string on the end encourages a little game of tug, too. Like all toys, your dog should never be left unattended with their Gappay Ball. Only bring out this training toy when it’s training time. This Gappay Ball on a String has a price point of $12.

Chuckit! Ball Sport Launcher

If your dog likes to play fetch, this Sport Launcher made by Chuckit! is designed to make any thrower feel like they have the arm of a pro baseball player. The launcher will rev up speed and distance by raising the game of fetch for any dog. Pet parents can bypass handling a slobbered tennis ball and use the Chuckit! instead. This toy is sold for under $10 and can be found on Amazon.

Jolly Ball

Jolly Ball has a variety of toys, but one of the top picks is Romp-N-Roll. That’s right, a ball with an attached rope toy. This toy differs from the Gappay in that it’s a play toy and not a training toy. Jolly Ball can be found on many sites, including Amazon.

Coats and Parkas

When it comes to doggie outdoor wear, L.L. Bean is the go-to for so many pet parents. From canvas, fleece to even a dog life jacket, L.L. Bean has an array of choices for your dog. Pup price tags start at $20 and go from there.

Memory Foam Bed

Your pooch will thank you for a good night’s sleep on their new memory foam dog bed. There is a variety to choose from with different price points. Memory foam beds are great for dogs of all ages and especially so for older dogs and those with skeletal challenges. With so much to choose from, we’ve helped take out the guesswork and located the Best Memory Foam Dog Beds rated by K9 of Mine.

Happy Holidays!