When you add a new furry family member to your family, you want to make sure they can get quality training. Not only does it make their care easier for you, but it’s also good for the dog. A lot of people try to train their dog on their own and most end with mixed results. Even if you’ve done some training with past pups, each dog has a different personality and temperament. Because of that, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional trainer. Keep reading to learn the benefits of hiring a professional dog trainer! 

Before you pick a name from a quick internet search, though, make sure you seek out a trainer with superior experience. Working Performance K9 Training & Boarding’s founder, David Greene, for example, means working with a nationally and internationally recognized trainer who is also a mentor for Animal Behavior College. He has represented the USA in four World Competitions and is a regional champion five times over. In the last 15 years, David has trained more than 2,000 dogs. He can handle difficult behaviors and serious concerns, giving you and your new dog the best chance to have a great life together.

When you hire a professional dog trainer, one of the biggest benefits you get is a basic level of overall obedience from your pet. That makes it easier for you to control them in any situation, keeping them, you, and other people and animals safe. But it’s not just about standard commands. You must also give your dog a lot of mental and physical stimulation, which most dogs crave and thrive on. Additionally, a trainer will know how to address any specific behavioral issues your dog might have.

Dogs are naturally playful and energetic, and they want to learn new things. You can develop a better relationship and stronger bond with your dog when you have a professional trainer working with them. Understanding what you want from them is very important for your dog, and proper training improves communication. It’s also convenient to hire a professional trainer, since your dog will learn faster and you can have the benefits of a well-trained pet you can love for a long time. 

Performance K9 Training provides a unique board and train program offering top-shelf obedience skills under distraction for dogs. Following the board and train, pet parents receive three private lessons. In these lessons, pet parents receive the educational tools they need to maintain the training while being more polished dog handlers. Save $200 off of your Board & Train Program when you sign the contract during your FREE consult during July. Book your free consultation today