After a couple summers of vacationing in our own homes and backyards, at long last, many of us here in San Diego are finally headed for the hills, seas, or cities for well-deserved retreats. Unless you are journeying to a place where you can bring your beloved canine companion, a significant part of your vacation planning is to find the best possible boarding arrangement for your pet. 

On the other hand, for those that don’t live on the West Coast, you may have your sights set on visiting beautiful San Diego along with your pup who will need his own accommodations while you are here. 

When you do find the absolute unsurpassed lodging for your pet, the best-case scenario is that you come home to a well-trained dog. So, whether you are an inbound visitor to San Diego or an outbound traveler headed to distant shores, there are some definite things for you to do to find a quality boarding situation for your pet.

Possible Options for Boarding Your Dog

Should you leave your dog in the home of a friend or family member? Or perhaps you think having someone come into your home to care for him is the best option?  Despite your family and friend’s best intentions, they have their own lives and routines and frankly, pet sitting may not be on their list. Having an in-home pet sitter is a better option, but there are some unknowns as you are not there to see what kind of care your dog is really getting and they have access to items in your home. In addition to these options, what if your dog has behavior issues? A biting dog can be problematic with a pet sitter as well as with trusted family or friends. 

Why A Top-Flight Boarding Facility is the Best Option for Your Dog

The key to this is, “Top Flight Boarding Facility.” Here are the factors that indicate your pet will get the best possible care while you are away. A top-flight boarding kennel has:

  • Clean, sparkling environment
  • Kennels that are sized right for your pet
  • Clean, comfortable dog beds
  • Lack of offensive odor
  • Friendly, competent staff
  • Overall relaxed environment
  • Large outdoor play area
  • Your gut says, this is good!

Be Honest about Your Pet’s Behavior

We all like to think our dog is the most superbly trained and friendly creature on earth. However, truth be told, this is not true. Before you select a boarding facility, make a list of your pet’s behaviors, including the following:

  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Shyness
  • Resource guarding
  • Dog-friendly
  • Hyperactive
  • Jumping on people
  • Separation Anxiety

Traveling with Your Dog

If you bring your dog with you on vacation, and ideally to Performance K9 Training and Boarding in North San Diego County, you need to be sure you have these important things in place.  You’ll need the following:

  1. Proof of all required vaccinations
  2. Proper flea and tick prevention
  3. Sturdy, well-ventilated crate for car, train, or plane travel to ensure your pet’s safety
  4. Supplies: food, bowl, water, leash, harness

Visiting Facilities

With your dog’s behavior list in hand, it’s extra important that you visit several kennels to not only inspect the facility, but to talk to management and staff about your dog’s needs and issues. You want to get a sense that each dog is treated as an individual, can be given necessary diet and medications, has access to medical care if needed, and is provided ample time for outdoor play. 

The A-Plus Boarding and Training Facility in San Diego

Performance K9 Training & Boarding is one of San Diego’s highest rated facilities for training and boarding. A boutique kennel, it is located in beautiful San Diego North Country and boasts a fully-fenced, one-acre area for dogs to play as well providing ample room for indoor-outdoor kennels.

When you visit us, you’ll find excellent ventilation, disinfection technology, air conditioning, and top-quality Kuranda dog beds for your dog’s comfort. Unlike many other kennels, they also have staff that live on site. 

Boarding Plus Training

When you return from vacation, you will be coming home to a well-trained dog! The important piece to this training puzzle are the 10 private lessons that take place afterward at our campus for pet parents so that they can maintain the training. Not only do we provide exceptional boarding care, but we also offer several packages that include behavioral training and modification. 

Our programs include training for the following:

  • Aggression issues: whether your dog is aggressive with other dogs or people, our expert trainers, are particularly skilled at training and rehabbing aggressive dogs. 
  • Basic behavior training includes walking well on a loose leash, coming when called (recall), and obeying the command to go to his place.
  • Advanced obedience training is a fine-tuning of the skills learned in the basic course.

Boarding and Training Programs

In addition to a first-class, clean, and dog-savvy boarding facility, your dog will receive the best possible training since the trainers at Performance K9 Training have been mentored by David Greene. David is the founder and Training Director of Performance K9 Training. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his abilities and talent in working with dogs. David has represented the USA on four world teams where his dogs achieved world standing as well as held the title of five-time regional champion. 

Performance K9 Training Welcomes Its Newest Training Programs

Performance K9 has recently introduced two new programs to its board and train program. These are available to pet parents who live within 35-miles of the Bonsall facility. They are:

Platinum Paw Program

After getting a solid behavioral start during your pet’s board and train time with us, for an additional $2500, you can further hone your pet’s skills with those 10 private lessons to be held in your home. 

Gold Paw Program

After your pet has boarded and trained with us, you can take further advantage of our expertise by enrolling in our Gold Paw Program for an additional $1250. Also limited to those living within 35 miles of our facility, this plan offers those ten lessons in this type of format: Five private lessons at our facility and the remaining five at your home. 

So, whatever your plans are for journeying this summer, consider making Performance K9 a part of them. You won’t be sorry when you come home to an astonishingly well-trained dog!