As the weather begins to warm up, thoughts turn to giving your home a good spring cleaning. However, did you know the upcoming warm weather is also the perfect opportunity to do some pet-related spring cleaning? The following tips will help you get your four-legged companion ready for the warmer months and ensure they stay as healthy as possible.

Brush Your Dog

Even if you aren’t in a regular habit of brushing your dog, spring is a good time to get this task done and often. Your dog will shed their winter coat, which means more dog hair lying around your house. Regular brushings will remove the loose fur and help keep your home cleaner at the same time.

Bathe Your Dog

Spring is also a good time for a bath. Fill the tub with lukewarm water and use a gentle soap to clean your dog. Rinse thoroughly to help prevent irritation caused by any soap that is left behind. On a more regular basis, clean your dog’s paws each time they come indoors to remove any mud, keeping your dog and your house cleaner.

Wash Their Bedding

This is the perfect time of year to put your dog’s bedding through the wash. And, instead of throwing it in the dryer, consider hanging it outside to get that fresh air smell. Be sure to use a non-scented detergent to help protect your pet from irritations that can be caused by dyes and perfumes.

Wash Toys and Dishes

You likely don’t consider washing your dog’s dishes as often as you wash your own. Spring cleaning is a great time to complete this process to ensure your dog always has clean, fresh water and food available. Toys should also be cleaned to remove germs. Regular dishwashing soap and hot water are suitable for this process.

Spend Time Outside

You’ve likely been cooped up in the house for most of the winter except for quick runs to do their business outside. While not a part of spring cleaning, don’t forget to spend time outdoors, soaking up the sun, warmth and getting valuable exercise.

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