Thank you to for choosing Performance K9 Training as one of the Top 10 Dog Trainers for the fourth consecutive year within the San Diego North County Region. vetted 49 dog training businesses in the area and designated Performance K9 Training with an A+ rating.

Here’s how “Expertise” chose Performance K9 Training as one of the best dog trainers in San Diego North County. 

How Were The Best Dog Trainers Were Chosen? started its search by first locating potential dog trainers in a specific community. They then utilized a combination of databases and referral systems. They looked for dog trainers in good standing, which included various items such as licenses to operate, accomplishments and accolades, and chosen areas of expertise. 

Reputation, Reviews, and More

Once filtered dog trainers through their databases and referrals systems, the next step was diving into their reputation intelligence for best practices. They combed through public records and reputable online reviews and analyzed the quantity and quality of those reviews and ratings. 

Dog Training Experience and Professionalism

Those in the running for finalist spots underwent an evaluation for their areas of expertise in the dog training world, their accomplishments, their specialties, and more. Next up, unbeknownst to the dog training company, a “mystery shopper” reached out via phone call  assessing their experience based on the information they received, which highlighted the following: 

  • Knowledge 
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Professional demeanor 

Performance K9 Training Give Thanks

Performance K9 Training thanks for choosing them four years in a row as one of the best dog trainers in San Diego County. And an A+ rating was the icing on the cake. They appreciate this recognition and are honored to be named alongside other esteemed dog trainers in their respective fields.  

More About Performance K9 Training

Performance K9 Training is a boutique facility in San Diego North County and its comprehensive board and train program helps pet parents achieve the perfect pet relationship. It specializes in aggression cases and top-shelf obedience skills under distraction. Performance K9 Training was founded by David Greene, who represented the United States on four world teams with his dogs, placing third in the World Cup and third in the World Championships. 

Interested in learning more about Performance K9 Training? Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your pet family.