Spending time outdoors with your dog can be a great way to bond with them in the summer months. You don’t even have to take them to a dog park or other location to have a great time. Instead, you can turn your backyard into a space they can enjoy all summer long! Here are a few tips to do that.

Make Sure They Have Shade

Shade is one of the best things to give your dog when it’s hot outside. They can get sunburned on areas of exposed skin, just like people, and the ground can become hot on their paws, too. Shaded areas provide a cooling experience that helps them relax when they want to take a break.

Invest In a Kiddie Pool

If your dog likes water, or you want to get them used to it, a kiddie pool can be the right choice. It gives your dog a chance to play and splash without worrying about actually swimming. Plus, it contributes to cooling them down just like shade does, helping them feel comfortable. Be sure to never leave them unattended while they are in the pool. You can also turn on the sprinklers for them to run through if the pool isn’t an option.

Give Them Some Lounging Opportunities

Small hammocks, raised cots, and other lounge-based options are available for dogs of all sizes. They’re typically made of quick-drying material instead of the open netting a human hammock might have. Your dog won’t get their paws tangled in it, and can lay down on a cool space off of the ground when it’s time for a nap.

Make Some Pupsicles

There are a lot of recipes for frozen treats your dog will enjoy, and that are healthy and safe for them. Making pupsicles and other frozen concoctions gives your dog a sweet treat while helping them keep cool.

Staying cool and hydrated is the most important thing to focus on when your dog’s outside in the summer heat. Make sure you always have cool or cold water for them to drink, and that they can get out of the heat during the warmest parts of the day, so you can both have a safe and fun summer together.

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