No one ever wants to think about their dog getting into a dog fight. However, in the world of dogs, anything is possible. If your dog were to get into a fight, would you know what to do?

two dogs in a fight

We asked our founder, David Greene, for a few tips on how to break up a dog fight so you can be prepared if it happens the next time you’re out and about with your best friend.

Avoid the Natural Reaction

The most common reaction for any pet parent is to try and break up the dog fight- it’s understandable, nobody wants to see their dog get hurt. Unfortunately, it’s this type of action that can cause more injury, like dog bites, for the pet parent.

“Stay calm, don’t yell, and try to leash the dogs without being bitten,” Greene said. “The hardest part for pet parents is that they panic, and they jump right in.  Just take a minute to assess the situation and get prepared to break it up without getting hurt.”

How To Pull the Dogs Apart

There’s a lot of noise during a dog fight. According to Greene, most times the damage sustained is from trying to pull the dogs apart when they are gripping on to one another. This can cause serious injuries.

If you take your to the dog beach or dog bark, be prepared. Have a leash on hand and something wooden such as a wooden dowel or spoon.

“A wooden dowel or wooden spoon is used to pry a dog’s mouth open, so it releases from the bite,” he said, adding how people are less likely to get bit with this method. “Leash your dog, then pry the mouth open. Make sure the other dog owner has their dog leashed so once the release happens you get the dogs away from one another and to a safe spot.”

Can’t Hook the Leash onto The Collar?

If you are unable to hook the leash onto your dog’s collar, then place the leash around the animal’s waist holding onto the opposite sides. The goal here is to try and gain as much control as possible without getting injured.

Be Prepared for The Big Pull

Once the dogs are released, be ready for the resistance. The natural canine reaction is to re-engage for another round. Focus on full control, get the animal to a safe zone, and check for bite wounds. If there is an injury, seek veterinary care.  

Need More Help?

If your dog is getting into fights frequently, you may need some extra help. Performance K9 Training provides pets with a tailored approach to behavior modification programs to address their specific needs. Following a “board and train” program, Performance K9 Training teaches pet owners the tools they need to build the perfect pet relationship. Contact us today to learn more!