by Rebecca R.

It was hard to imagine anything good coming out of a tumultuous time when the pandemic first hit. Yet, something started to happen. Animal shelters began to empty as pet adoptions across the country surged as the reality of stay-at-home orders and social isolation started to sink in. It was a win-win situation. Animals found homes, and humans experienced the long-touted benefits of pet ownership. Here are just a few of the positive effects many have experienced from bringing animals into their homes during the pandemic.

Dog Companionship Mended Feelings Of Isolation

Pandemic dog companions have proven, once more, what studies have continued to find: pets can help decrease stress and provide emotional support. Many pet owners have expressed how, throughout the pandemic, their pets have been a much-needed source of comfort and joy and have helped prevent loneliness. Pets had also provided physical connection, an essential factor in well-being when most physical interaction was unsafe. 

Establishing A Routine With Dogs

For many, the pandemic lockdown meant contending with an excess of unstructured time. Pets proved to be a remedy in this area too. The responsibilities and duties inherent in pet ownership helped add routine and structure to each day. Regardless of what was going on in the world, pet owners found themselves threaded in a routine — their dogs depended on them for scheduled care. In times of uncertainty, pet parents had a reason to get out of bed on tough days.

Besides creating structure, providing care for their pets gave them a sense of purpose, an important anchor point in a time when so much was out of control.

How Dogs Keep Pet Parents In Good Health

Pandemic or not, regular exercise is a necessity for most pets. Meeting this need often gets pet owners moving on walks or playing fetch with their dogs. Thanks to pet-induced exercise, pet owners stay engaged in activities that boost mood and strengthen the body.

Dog Training Is A Must

While adopted dogs during the pandemic soared, many pet parents realized at some point that not only did their dogs need training, but they needed guidance. The professional rule of thumb is don’t wait too long with training until unwanted behavior becomes a learned behavior. Performance K9 Training has helped numerous pet parents who rescued dogs with top-notch obedience skills and behavioral issues during the pandemic. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help.