Doggy daycare can be a great choice for your four-legged family member when you have to work or travel all day. Instead of leaving them home alone, you can take them to a daycare where they can have human interaction as well as play with other dogs. Depending on the age and temperament of your dog, as well as other factors, adjusting to daycare can take some time. Here’s what to consider.

Introducing Your Dog the Right Way

Introductions to the facility and other dogs should be gradual, with plenty of positive reinforcement and process monitoring. Look for signs that your dog is stressed or unhappy, and make adjustments accordingly.

For most dogs, leaving them at daycare for a few hours as opposed to all day is a good starting point. Shorter visits at the facility at first helps them get used to the sights, sounds, and smells at doggy daycare as well as getting to know the staff members and the other dogs. For other dogs that have been to doggy daycare and know the drill, they can be left for longer periods of time.

Why Doggy Daycare Evaluations Are A Must

A doggy daycare evaluation is an appointment that any good standing facility will implement. The evaluation will test the temperament of a doggy daycare candidate to ensure that they are comfortable with other dogs and people. It will also evaluate the energy levels of a dog, as well. An evaluation helps eliminate the most common challenges at doggy daycare facilities which include fear or aggressive behaviors.

For dogs that don’t pass an evaluation, always ask whether or not they can have an evaluation in the future so that perhaps a pet parent can work on socialization techniques with the guidance of a professional dog trainer. Also, for dogs that don’t qualify for doggy daycare, licensed kennel facilities may also offer day boarding where dogs can interact with the kennel team.

Choosing the Best Facility for Your Dog

To choose the best facility for your dog, visit several if they’re available in your area. Aside from a friendly team of dog lovers at the facility, check to make sure the surface that dogs play on can be sanitized such as artificial turf. Natural grass and dirt areas cannot be sanitized properly. Above all, make sure that they are a licensed facility in your county because that means the facility must abide by a strict Animal Control protocol for the health and wellness of dogs.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular facility, your dog probably won’t, either. After you find a daycare you feel good about, start taking your dog and slowly introduce them, so they can see that it’s a fun place where they can play and socialize when they’re not with you.

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