Fireworks are a spectacular sight to see, but for many dogs, the Fourth of July can be terrifying. Loud bangs can trigger dogs to bolt. In fact, it’s the number one cause that dogs run away from their homes on this holiday.

Experts believe that loud noises are just one cause. Pets are also affected by the smells that firecrackers and pyrotechnics can bring as well as flashing lights that can be worrisome to animals.

According to the American Humane Society, annual data shows while pet owners are enjoying the fireworks show, more than nine million dogs and cats wander off or get taken.

Here are some helpful tips pet parents can take on the Fourth of July to keep pets safe:


  • Do not bring pets to fireworks displays due to the loud noises and crowds. It’s an unsafe place for pets.


  • Keep pets indoors.


  • Keep pets in a safe and quiet place if guests are over.


  • A safe place can be a quiet room they are familiar with, or if they are comfortable in their dog crate, that’s even better.


  • Think of ways to muffle the sounds of fireworks such as music, fan or both.


  • Keep windows, curtains and blinds closed.


  • If the weather is cool (around 6:30 pm before the fireworks begin), take dogs for a walk to release some energy.


  • If pet owners are home and the fireworks begin, remain quiet and calm to convey all is fine like it’s just any other day.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure pets are microchipped.  Every day, lost pets are reunited with their pet parents because of their microchip.

If pet parents need more tailored care for their animals, don’t hesitate to call a family veterinarian or professional dog trainer for more tips. It’s important that the pet community works together to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.

Performance K9 Training wishes everyone a great Fourth of July with their family and friends!