Do you have a loveable puppy that needs some training but isn’t quite old enough to go to a board and train program yet? You’re in luck! We are excited to announce our Yappy Puppy Program! This fun program is for puppies and pet parents who are wanting to start training, but are unable to attend our board and train program due to their age. Read more to see if it’s a fit!  

When is the best time to train a puppy?

You can start teaching your pup basic commands when you bring them home, but just remember their attention span is pretty short when they are very young. This is why our custom board and train programs are tailored for dogs five months and older. This allows them to retain and process what they are learning. This new program is perfect for pet parents who want a board and train program, but their pups are too young to start.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign your puppy up for our board and train program (which will be done at a later date when your pup is five months old and has all their shots), you will receive up to two private lessons beforehand which will focus on:

  Potty training
  Crate training
  Correct ways to socialize a puppy
  How to stop mouthing and biting
  How to address puppy shyness
  And other helpful must-have tips and guidance

Then, once your puppy has reached their five-month milestone, they can then come to our two-week Basic Behavior Modification Board and Train Program where they will learn the following skills:

   Walking politely on a leash (i.e., not pulling on the leash, and being in a correct position)
   Recall (dog returns when called)
   Go to your place command

   Stop jumping on people

  And more!

Note: Pups will learn these skills under partial off-leash and partial distraction.

David Greene, founder of Performance K9 Training, and his partner, Joshua Zaparolli, will be involved every step of the way, so you can be rest assured that your puppy is getting trained by two of the top dog trainers in the nation. Meet them here.

Added Perks

You will receive text updates every few days on what your pup is learning, their activities and their progress. After the board and train program is complete, you will have three private lessons to learn the skills needed to maintain the comprehensive training of your puppy.

Ready to get started? Book a free consultation! David or his training partner, Joshua, will meet with all of you while creating a tailored training program that is perfect for you and your pup!