If you’re thinking about taking your dog to a doggy daycare, or you’re already using one in your local area, you want to make sure the facility has the right licenses and insurance, to protect the animals in their care.

A licensed kennel facility that’s approved by the county’s Animal Control is very important for any daycare, boarding, or board-and-train options you’re considering. There are a lot of people who advertise these kinds of services, often right out of their home. That sounds simple and convenient, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal or properly licensed to protect the dogs they’re caring for.

Asking a friend or neighbor to watch your dog while you’re at work or on vacation is one thing, but if you’re boarding your dog or sending them to a company or individual advertising doggy daycare, make sure Animal Control has licensed the facility properly. Remember, a business license isn’t the same thing as a kennel license.

For example, any time someone is operating a legitimate dog business and taking care of other people’s dogs, they need to have a kennel license. Animal Control is cracking down on these backyard/ranch operations for these very reasons and this includes people doing professional overnight pet sitting/dog training businesses out of their homes. 

If your doggy daycare facility doesn’t have a kennel license, they’re not properly and legally established to protect the dogs they’re watching. You want your dog to have the best experience possible when they’re away from you, and that includes health, wellness, and safety.

Your daycare should be asking for shot records to verify vaccination, and should also have specific sanitation practices in place to keep the dogs and the facility clean. Also make sure any doggy daycare you’re considering for your four-legged friend has liability coverage to protect the animals they’re watching. In terms of sanitation, if dogs are playing on dirt and soil, those surfaces cannot be properly sanitized. Accredited facilities in good standing have artificial turf and cement surfaces. 

Protecting the dogs at the facility is extremely important, and you don’t want to leave your dog with someone you can’t trust. Unlicensed doggy daycares can be dangerous, and have resulted in cases of loss and grief for owners whose beloved pets have sadly encountered unsafe conditions. 

The very best thing you can do for your dog before putting them in daycare is take the time to check out the facility, verify the conditions, and make sure the doggy daycare has the right licensing and insurance in place. Then you can have peace of mind until you return to collect your dog.

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