by Rebecca R.

The holidays are around the corner, and many pet parents will be boarding their dogs while traveling. A safe, county licensed, and comfortable kennel facility with a well-trained and caring staff is a must. That said, what if you could get even more out of your dog’s boarding experience? It turns out you can by choosing a board and train program!

What is a Board and Train Program?

Simply put, a board and train program is a specialized boarding experience where dogs receive training in addition to general boarding services. Board and train programs typically last for a minimum of two weeks, though some are longer depending on the type of training offered. Training will generally address obedience skills like recall, the “place” command, and appropriate leash etiquette. More specialized programs can provide training that addresses aggression and reactivity. 

The appeal of these programs is that owners can travel and return home to a more well-trained dog.   

What To Look For In A Dog Boarding Facility 

The rule of thumb is locating a licensed boarding facility issued by The  Department of Animal Services. While some boarding facilities may have a business license, it’s not the same as a license to operate in their county under The Department of Animal Services. This designation is critical because a kennel must pass an annual inspection for cleanliness and safety standards and ensure that pets boarded are updated on their vaccines. 

The Benefits of a Board and Train Program

Board and train programs are a great way to maximize the benefits of boarding a dog. One huge plus is knowing that your dog will get to regularly engage in activities with a qualified trainer, assuring that your dog will stay engaged throughout the day. In addition, these programs can help jumpstart the training process for dogs and owners who have just begun the work of developing obedience skills. 

Board and train programs can also benefit dogs already exhibiting behavioral issues, like aggression and reactivity. The comprehensive, one-on-one training that a board and train can provide is ideal for working on specific behavioral problems. In addition, board and train programs provide consistent training, which helps solidify skills. 

Follow-Through is Key

It’s important to remember that while board and train programs help establish obedience skills, it’s up to pet parents to ensure their dog maintains those skills once at home. Board and train programs that provide follow-up lessons for owners are ideal for ensuring owners acquire the proper training techniques to continue the work their dog started. If pet parents fail to attend their follow-up classes with their dogs, there is a strong likelihood their dogs will regress. 

Want to Learn More?

Performance K9 Training is proud to offer multiple board and train programs that comprehensively address common dog challenges, as well as a board and train program specifically for dogs that exhibit aggression. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you and your dog achieve your obedience and behavioral goals.