If you plan to board your dog, finding a facility that offers doggie daycare can be a great way to help your dog enjoy their time at the boarding facility and socialize with other dogs. But you want to be sure you’re looking for the right boarding facility, with experienced professionals who can understand and work with your dog. Here’s what to consider.

What to Look for in a Boarding Facility

When you’re looking for a boarding facility, research is important. Take a look at the reviews for places you’re considering, and make sure they have the credential you expect. Then, visit them and see what they’re like in person. You want to know that your dog is safe and cared for while you’re away.

Having a Dog Evaluation is Important

Before leaving your dog at a boarding facility that also offers doggie daycare, you want to have a dog evaluation. That will help make sure your dog is a good fit, and let you see whether small and large dogs have their own spaces to play. The right energy levels are also important, to keep all the dogs safe and happy.

Look for Experienced Daycare Attendants

Experienced daycare attendants understand dogs, and they know how to read body language. They’re important and valuable, because they’ll work hard to make sure every dog is enjoying the experience. They’ll also separate any dogs that are getting tense or upset, to help protect everyone.

Daycare Can be Great Fun for Your Dog

The right daycare facility can be a lot of fun for your beloved pet. You want your dog to have a good time while you’re away, so you can also enjoy your experience without worrying about them. Giving your dog the opportunity to stay at a boarding facility with a daycare helps them play and socialize during your travels.

One-on-One Playtime is Also an Option

If your dog doesn’t pass a doggy daycare evaluation, that is no problem! They can enjoy one-on-one playtime with our team members while they stay with us, instead. Either way, they’ll get great care.

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