We are so happy with what you did with Rocket and he seems happy to be a better dog, as well!

Jeffrey T., Fallbrook, CA

David was a really good trainer for my Golden Retriever. He taught my dog to behave better and he now has better qualities. I really recommend David as your dog trainer.

Leone A., Bonsall, CA

To the naked eye, dog training or trainers must click with the animal, create a bond, and relationship. David knows his work, he understands animals, and I trust him with my dog. I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for a happy, positive experience in training, for themselves and their dog.

Mark S., Palos Verdes, CA

David found the perfect dog for me, a single mother and my six-year-old son. Introducing a dog into a family with a young child is tricky and when the decision was made to bring a dog into our lives, I immediately contacted David. Having known him for years as a professional trainer, he had my complete trust to help us find the right match. Within a week, he hit a home run with Indiana, our 6-month-old German Shepherd, he is a beautiful, smart, patient, and willing young dog. David was with us through the whole process and continues to follow-up on our progress. We have David to thank for bringing us together.

Sabrina C., Carlsbad, CA

David did what most of the other trainers I had worked with had not done; he formed a relationship with my dog so that he could better understand what motivated AJ. His very nature/personality lends him a particular gift to understand and be fluent in ‘Dog.’ Not many professional dog trainers have this ability. In short, David is a phenomenal trainer, understanding both humans AND their dogs. His manner is quiet, deliberate, and methodical. He is a gifted handler and trainer, and I am extremely happy training with him!

Cathy C., San Clemente, CA

I would like to thank David for giving us back three beautiful and well-behaved Labs. They are all doing well.

Sue, San Marcos, CA

David Greene understands dogs. Dogs of all breeds, temperaments and disciplines. From competing at IPO at a world level with both a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd, raising dogs that are working police canines, to training pet dogs and service dogs. I have had several dogs in training with him throughout our six-year relationship. I have always been completely satisfied whether it be his training of a working IPO dog or a service dog.

He understands and cares about dogs and the dogs love him! Your dog will come back beautifully trained and he will work with you on maintaining that! Basically you will learn to have a wonderful relationship with your dog which will make your life easier and your dog happier.

Susan, NV

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